Time-proven and simple business backed by smart tech solution
A new pizza brand winning Africa
831m $
countries world-wide
pizza stores
system sales in 2022
GRLC, Singapore, 2019
Foodservice Magazine, 2021
Dodo Pizza has turned into one of the fastest-growing restaurant chains, leapfrogging Papa John’s, Domino’s and Pizza Hut
Dodo Pizza in Nigeria
profitable chain of 13 units
growing sales despite market challenges and COVID-19
each new store becomes profitable in 2 months of operation
3-5 years objective to launch +30 stores
The brand came from a market where supply chain and other matters were not so easy historically. And on top of that, it's a great brand, technology, product, lovely people, and the CEO himself coming to Nigeria. It was very personal
Dodo Pizza franchise partner in Nigeria
carefully adapted to perfectly match local preferences
Fresh brand
with African vibe
The space really gives a playful and chill vibe. I mean it's pizza! It’s meant to be full of vibe!

A foodie's diary,
Nigerian food blog
The space really gives a playful and chill vibe. I mean it's pizza! It’s meant to be full of vibe!
freedom to add local ingredients and no supply chain limitations
World-class pizza
with a local twist
Freedom to add to the core menu new recipes with local ingredients
Pizzas of all 18 countries accumulated and shared by Dodo Team
In-depth product analytics: from juiciness of pepperoni to overall satisfaction with taste
We were able to add Nigerian elements to the menu very quickly. That's how the Dodo pizza with plantain (popularly known as "dodo" in Nigeria) appeared

Dodo Pizza Nigeria regional manager
pizzas with plantain or "dodo" sold last month
From family pizza shop
to a container unit

For fast scaling Dodo Pizza has a portfolio of formats that can be easily adapted to local markets
The decoration from outside was superb, the arrangement of interior decorations was topnotch.
They actually know what they are doing and they are ready to give Domino's pizza a run for their money
A foodie's diary,
Nigerian food blog
Website and app
ready since day one
Constantly improved by the HQ to stay competitive
Seamless integration with kitchen to speed up processess
Сustomer analytics and tools to increase sales
Nigerians love pizza and they also love tech – and Dodo Pizza is famous for its user friendly app offering easy ordering – and Dodo Coin rewards

Nigerian media
of revenue our App generates in Nigeria

of new customers
come through the app
to manage all business from one center
All-in-one cloud-based tech platform
integrates all sales channels into one network
organizes kitchen work and delivery to increase productivity
tracks real time data to make smart decisions
makes business transparent to manage profitability
improve and support the system every day
software engineers
order engine
smart pizza store
data-driven territory management
Dodo IS is specialized for QSR business, it is handy and easy to use. The best part is that it’s cloud based, which means you can solve any problem for any store wherever you are — no special hardware needed, just the Internet

Dodo Pizza Nigeria
We are looking for partners to make excellent pizza and history together in Africa
We aren't selling
a franchise
Dodo Pizza has everything included in the initial fee of $150K, 5% royalty and $5K per store fee.
No extra charges.
Dodo Pizza
0$, ready made website and app
up to 500 000$ additional investment
Website & App
0$, daily updates
& system upgrade
tech fee and paid support,
1-2 updates /year
Support or updates
not required
apr. 30 000$ for the start,
hardware needed
Special equipment
apr. 2% from sales
Additional IT costs
0$, flexible supply chain
% from ingredients
Supply Chain fees
% from revenue or fixed
Marketing and training
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Head of International Franchising
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Anton Deryagin