(July, 29, 2022)

User Agreement

For the purposes of this User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement), unless otherwise follows from the content, the capitalized terms used below have the following meanings.
“Company” means Dodo Franchising Limited Liability.

Contact details:
Dodo Franchising Limited Liability
registered in the Russian Federation
under company number 1131101001844
and with registered office at 16, Oktyabrskiy prospekt, Syktyvkar, the Komi Republic

“User” means any person who wants to get acquainted with the Site.
“Site” - https://africa.dodofranchise.com/.
“Content” means all objects of intellectual property, including design elements, text, graphics, illustrations, photos, videos, scripts, programs, music, sounds and other objects and their collections posted on the Site. The right holder of Intellectual Property is the Company.
“Goods” - products of pizza stores “Dodo Pizza”.
“Client’s site” - https://dodopizza.ng/.
“Mobile App” - mobile app “Dodo Pizza” (regardless of the platform).

2.The subject of Agreement
The subject of the Agreement is the procedure and rules for the use of the Site by the User.
The User is obliged to fully familiarize himself with the Agreement before using the Site. The use of the Site by the User means the full and unconditional acceptance of the Agreement by him.
The Company does not sell (remote, wholesale, retail, etc.) Goods, the description of which is presented on the Client’s site and in the Mobile App.

3.Terms of Use of the Site
User can write suggestions for improving the Site, opinions about the Company's Site by sending an email v.kuzmina@dodobrands.io.

User should have to make following actions:
  1. comply with the provisions of applicable legislation, Agreement;
  2. use the Site only for legitimate purposes and in ways that do not violate the rights of third parties. The User is solely responsible to third parties for his/her actions related to the use of the Site, including if such actions lead to a violation of the rights and legitimate interests of third parties, as well as for compliance with applicable laws when using the Site.

Actions are forbidden for User:
  1. use software or perform actions aimed at disrupting the normal operation of the Site.
  2. attempt, by any means, including, but not limited to, fraud, breach of trust, and hacking to gain access to the personal account of another User;
  3. сreate derivative works based on the Site or enable (allow) other use of the Site by third parties without the written consent of the Company
  4. The Company is not responsible for the damage caused to the User's equipment if it occurred as a result of clicking on hypertextual links posted on the Site.
  5. The Company may suspend the User’s use of the Site or deny them access to the functionality of the Site in the event of a breach of the Agreement by the User.
  6. The Company may modify the Site, including changing existing sections of its structure and adding new ones, changing the design, and performing other actions aimed at improving the functionality of the Site.
  7. The use of the updated version of the Site means that the User accepts the terms of the Agreement for the corresponding updates/new versions of the Site, unless the update/ release of a new version of the Site is accompanied by another Agreement.

4.Intellectual Property
  1. All Content objects are objects of the exclusive rights of the Company, all rights to these objects are protected.
  2. None of the Content may be extracted or used (copied, reproduced, published, processed, distributed, published, downloaded, transmitted, sold or otherwise used) in whole or in part for both commercial and non-commercial purposes without the prior permission of the Company, except in cases where the Company has explicitly expressed its consent to the free use of the Content by any person.
  3. None of the Content can be the object of sale or any other way of disposal.
  4. The use by Clients of the Content elements of the Website and/or Personal Account for personal non-commercial use is allowed provided that all copyright, related rights, trademarks, other notices of authorship are preserved, the name (or pseudonym) of the author/name of the copyright holder is preserved unchanged, and the corresponding object is preserved unchanged. Exceptions are cases directly provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  5. Reproduction, copying, collection, systematization, storage, transfer of Content for the purpose of creating a database for commercial and/or non-commercial purposes and/or use of the Content in whole or in any part, regardless of the method of use, without the consent of the Company is not allowed.
  6. Users as individuals are not granted any rights or licenses with respect to Content elements.

5.Limitations on liability and disclaimers
  1. The Site is provided on an “as is" basis. The Company does not provide any guarantees regarding the error-free and uninterrupted operation of the Site, compliance of the Site with specific goals and expectations of Users, and also does not provide any other guarantees not expressly specified in the Agreement.
  2. Under no circumstances does the Company bear any responsibility for any direct or indirect consequences of any use or inability to use the Site and/or damage caused to Users, their computer, mobile devices, any other hardware or software or any third party as a result of any use or non-use of the Site, including due to possible errors or failures in the Site or as a result of clicking on hypertextual links, posted on the Site.
  3. The User is hereby notified and agrees that when using the Company's Site, all information entered on the Site is transmitted, which the Company has the right to use according to Privacy Policy.

6.Consideration of copyright holders’s claims
  1. If the User believes that the Content of the Site violates his personal non-property/exclusive rights, a corresponding notification should be sent to the email address v.kuzmina@dodobrands.io.
  2. The notice of violation of personal non-property/exclusive rights must contain:
  3. an indication of the content of the Site, allegedly violating the rights of the User;
  4. information about the object, personal non-property/exclusive rights to which are allegedly violated on the Website and/or in the Personal Account with the attachment of documents confirming the User's rights to such an object;
  5. contact information about the User, including:
  6. for an individual - surname, first name, patronymic, passport data (series and number, issued by whom, date of issue), address, phone number, email address;
  7. for a legal entity - name, location, address, phone number, e-mail address;
  8. the User's signature.
  9. Notices that do not comply with the requirements of this section are not considered by the Company.

7.Alterations to the Agreement
  1. The Agreement comes into force for the User from the moment of publication on the Site and is valid for an indefinite period for all subsequent updates of the Site.
  2. The Company may unilaterally amend and/or supplement the Agreement without any special notice.
  3. The legislation of the Russian Federation applies to the Agreement and all relations related to the use of the Site. Any claims and lawsuits arising from the use of the Site under the terms of the Agreement must be filed and considered in court at the location of the Company.